Works have been delayed on the upgrade of Bolong Road east of Broughton Creek due to unstable subgrade conditions. The status of the works are:

  • Works completed include the gabion retaining wall, drainage extensions, dish drain with subsoil drainage below, shoulder widening, and preparation of subbase.
  • The subgrade problem was identified when rolling of the subbase material showed excessive movement in several locations.
  • Test holes showed substantial ground water following the rock layer below the pavement.
  • To intercept the groundwater, additional subsoil drainage will be installed.
  • The pavement material will be reworked and modified to provide a more solid base, then theĀ final pavement layer can then be placed.

The sealing works are scheduled for late August.

Works are continuing on the upgrade of Gerroa Road and the Bolong Road and Coolangatta Road intersection. The status of the works are:

  • The unexpected delay in the supply of the culverts for Gerroa Road, and wet weather through June, has pushed the completion of the works back to mid August.
  • The replacement culvert on Gerroa Road has now been placed and backfilling has commenced. Works will then commence for the final pavement layer.
  • The final pavement layer has been placed for the intersection works, with final trim remaining prior to sealing.
  • The sealing works are scheduled for mid-August at this stage.
  • It is anticipated that the road closure and detour will remain in place until sealing is completed.