Shelley Hancock

With State Parliament to resume next week, Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock has encouraged local South Coast residents to join her in one final push to secure a new educational facility for the Southern Shoalhaven.

Mrs Hancock is encouraging residents to sign her petition calling on the NSW Government to purchase the former

To date, Mrs Hancock said she had collected close to 9,000 signatures and required an additional 1,000 to ensure the issue was debated on the floor of the Parliament.

“As a community we need to ensure we reach the 10,000 signatures needed to have this issue debated in State Parliament,” Mrs Hancock said.

“The Government cannot ignore the voice of 10,000 South Coast residents who have been calling for an additional education facility for the Southern Shoalhaven for years.

“The need to secure this facility for the future educational needs of local students is essential and the calls from the community have been emphatic – they want a new school to cater for the growing population.

“In my 15 years as the Local Member, I have never utilised the provision of a 10,000 signature petition in order to force debate in the Parliament on a local issue, however the need for a new educational facility in the Southern Shoalhaven is one that is important to the entire South Coast, and one that cannot wait.

“I thank the community for their support to date. With over 9,000 signatures collected in a matter of months, it is clear that there is overwhelming support to purchase the site. And with the community’s ongoing support, I will not stop until the government purchases this site.

“I am asking for one final push – sign the petition today!” Mrs Hancock