With 2.5 Billion dollars worth infrastructure spend happening over the next 5 years on the NSW South Coast, we are faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real  difference in youth unemployment.

Here are the upcoming projects and projected spend (as supplied by WorkforceXS

South Coast Correctional Centre                         $ 125,000,000.00

Berry to Bomaderry Hwy Upgrade                        $450,000,000.00

Albion Park By-Pass                                              $561,000,000.00

Batemans Bay Bridge                                            $300,000,000.00

North Nowra Connector Road                                $ 13,000,000.00

Nowra Bridge Project                                             $310,000,000.00

Shellharbour Hospital Redevelopment                   $251,000,000.00

UOW innovative Health and Wellbeing Precinct     $500,000,000.00

Digmans Creek                                                        $ 40,000,000.00

Eden Wharf Project                                                  $  44,000,000.00

Total                                                                        $ 2,594,000,000.00

Ross Thompson of Workforce XS Nowra will launch the South Coast Youth Employment Plan on the 18th of May at 10:30am, when WorkforceXS are officially opening their NEW larger office space at 56 Worrigee St NOWRA.

In comments made in preparation of the event, Ross Thompson said “We have never ever seen this kind of infrastructure spend happening over such a relatively short time span in the history of the area. We need to grasp this opportunity  now to ensure that we can make the South Coast a leader in conquering youth unemployment”

Ross Thompson last year successfully launched the “Hands Up Indigenous Employment Initiative” where he pledged that his organisation would commit to 15% indigenous participation in his workforce. As of last month WorkforceXS are exceeding this benchmark at 15.77%. WorkforceXS employ well over 150 staff across its organisation so this is a huge success.

“With the success of our Hand Up Initiative, we are creating a South Coast Youth Employment Initiative as I think it goes Hand-in- Hand with what we are already doing.” Said Ross Thompson.

“Last year at the youth employment summit hosted by the Greens Justin Field there were several barriers to youth unemployment identified but no real solutions came out of it.” Ross Thompson continued.

“It is not just about putting someone in a job, it’s about engaging and keeping the person engaged so they continue in employment. Our strategy is a holistic approach that will address the real  barriers to the youth obtaining employment. Our strategy will get the youth JOB ready, meaning we will  address the barriers to the young worker obtaining ongoing sustainable employment , no more talkfests but real action. Our strategy will work with all levels of government and industry to develop our program” Ross Thompson stated.

The WorkforceXS strategy includes organising and liaising transport links, getting candidates job ready, counselling, job-skills, training and on the job mentoring.

With WorkforceXS connections into the Construction industry on the coast, they will be engaging with all the Contractors and Subcontractors of the infrastructure projects to ensure that there are real opportunities created for the younger worker to enter into the construction industry, and will provide the younger workers with training opportunities while they are engaged with paid wok.